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Dear Investors

Merry Christmas

Dec-23-2016 07:56:34 PM

Dear Investors

New BTC payment system has updated

Nov-29-2016 08:42:09 PM

Dear Investors

Payeer is added

Nov-28-2016 07:55:08 PM

Dear Investors

We've UPGRADED our server and DDoS protection system.

Nov-26-2016 12:31:10 PM

Dear Investors

We have found some DDoS attack activity in our server
updated Anti DDoS Rules for our server to mitigate them
Its working now

Nov-19-2016 08:35:39 PM

Dear Investors

Referral Commision are revised as below
Level 1 5%
Level 2 2%
Level 3 1%
Level 4 0.5%
Level 5 0.1%
Effective immediately

Softmeetbit Team

Nov-12-2016 02:52:59 AM

Dear Investors

Chinese UI is updated
Softmeetbit Team

Nov-8-2016 10:25:15 PM

Our system is now OPTIMIZED

Dear Investors
Our system is now OPTIMIZED,
We will add more deposit medias in near future.
New Language will be also added soon.

SoftmeetBit Team

Nov-7-2016 12:51:24 AM

Dear Investors

Please contact us if your profile isn't updated 2 hours after you received confrimation letter from Coinpayment.

we will do everything to help you.
please provide following information to this e-mail
[email protected]
so that we can help you better.

SoftmeetBit Team

Nov-5-2016 01:08:45 AM

Dear Investors

we are currently upgrating and optimizing our system.
The site will remains open for everyone, and for everything.
Yet, please DO NOT deposit, however you are welcome to WITHDRAW yor interest at any time

Nov-1-2016 10:29:11 AM

Dear Investors
Background database exception
Please temporarily do not invest money

Nov-1-2016 03:41:35 AM

We expect to make a long-term plan
Your investment amount will be rewarded
Thanks for supporting SoftmeetBit

Oct-30-2016 10:49:26 PM

SoftmeetBit Bitcoin investment officially launched

Oct-28-2016 11:53:00 PM

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